1 Beer = 1 Pizza

This one is for my biggest fans, Audrua and Anna, both of which have recently complained about my lack of blogging.  I’m not going to sit here and make excuses, however.  Instead, I’ll get right to it.

Last Friday I met up with Anna at one of my new favorite bars, Crocodile Lounge.  With every beer you buy, you receive a free pizza.  Not just a slice, but an entire pizza.  And these aren’t expensive beers for New York standards, either.  (My Blue Moon was $6.)


As you can see, we had a surplus of free pizza tickets and only ate about a pizza and a half each.  It was delicious.

So there you go, my two fans.  It’s short and sweet, but it’s definitely a new blog post :)

Nicki Minaj and the Nokia Lumia, brought to you by iPhone.

I know, I know. It’s been a while… But I’ve returned thanks to a random Nicki Minaj performance in Times Square.

The plan was to meet Tiffany at the steps in Times Square then head somewhere to eat, but there was a mysterious blue box counting down the minutes and  a crowd of tourists.  So much for our meeting spot.

Word on the street was there was a “surprise” performance from Nicki Minaj, so we decided to stick around (mainly so I could blog about it…).  It ended up being pretty fun and it’s not everyday you get to see Nicki lip sync live to promote the new Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone.

Here are a couple of clips, courtesy of my iPhone:

Cost: $0

What’s next? I’m not making any promises this time :)

True Confession

I screwed up the flash mob.

Remember my first blog when I wrote about a lovely stroll in the park with an invisible dog?  Well, they were finally able to edit that thing together.

In my defense, here’s what happened.  We practiced for about 2 hours before and I had that routine down. The choreographer even asked me to be in the group that started the dance.  But something must have happened to my brain between the time we left the rehearsal space and got to the fountain.

As we were about to head off to perform, they asked us if anyone had the song on an iPod.  Their copy wouldn’t be loud enough.  So me, going into quick-thinking-production-assistant mode, offered to download the song on my iPhone.  It downloaded without any problems, but didn’t show up in my iTunes right away, so on the walk over I was trying to figure out what was wrong.  Apparently it just needed some time to come down from the iCloud.

And it didn’t help that I was completely disoriented by the performance space.  So here you go.  Hopefully my mistakes aren’t obvious to anyone but me.

Oh, adopt a dog!


And here’s that music video I worked on, just because.


What’s next? Free screening of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (yes, again) and a Q&A with Gary Oldman! (Unfortunately, it’s “sold out” but there are still some free Oldman flicks screening next week)


Sunday evening I lined up outside an Off-Broadway theatre about 30 minutes before curtain and was rewarded with a $20 ticket for RENT.

Through February 6th, many of the Off-Broadway shows are offering$20 tickets, 20 minutes before showtime.  So if you do the math, I only had to wait 10 minutes for such a deal.  I can’t recommend this for any other show (the other Off-Broadway shows I’ve seen have been $0-5 and I’m glad I didn’t pay any more), but it was so worth it for RENT.

And I was expecting a crappy, back of the mezzanine seat, only to be surprised with 3rd row, center and orchestra. (The picture below is crappy, the seat, not so much)


In other news, Kevin McHale from Glee was in my office building the other day.  He was checking out at the security desk, and as I boarded the elevator my friend Anna tried to point him out to me.  I completely missed him.

When we got downstairs, I debated going back up to see him.  Wouldn’t that be weird?  Just as we decided to go back up, he walks out the elevator, I ask for a pic and here you go.

He was super nice and friendly, in case you were wondering.

Relatively Speaking…

I had a bad day.  But. Broadway made it better.

Tickets for the Ethan Coen, Elaine May and Woody Allen comedies were long gone on studentrush.org, but I didn’t let that discourage me.  By the late afternoon, a mer 3 hours before the performance, there were a few cancelations and I was able to join Tiffany for the show.  We were craving pizza afterwards, so we stopped by my favorite dollar pizza spot in Times Square.

Bad day cured.

Cost: $6

What’s next? ???

Care to join me?

Happy Hanukkah!

What better way to celebrate than with a free bagel?  Ess-A-Bagel, which looked oddly out of place between a Pax “wholesome foods” and a Taco Bell and under a nail salon, had a deal on Scout Mob that I had to take advantage of before I left town.

While and looked and tasted suspiciously like the ones in my office cafeteria, you can’t beat the price. (Normally $3.50 or $1.40 from the caf)

And I did go on that old-time subway ride, but I’ve yet to post about it because I have some video to edit and little time to do so.  Here’s the world’s largest menorah, instead:

Cost: Free

What’s next? Going home for the holidays so I’ll be taking a little break!

Da Da Da Dum

Snap. Snap!

I got lucky yet AGAIN on Thursday as I was about to leave work. Brian texted me with a free ticket to The Adams Family!

I had some time to kill before the show so I headed over to GAP for some Christmas shopping and, surprise! free cocktail!


As for the show, which will be “gone in a snap” December 31, the music was great, the cast was VERY talented for the most part (especially Wednesday Adams) and the set was impressive, featuring the “creatures” from the TV show.

I did the whole stage door thing this time since Brooke Shields was in the show. 10 points if you can tell me what she’s actually famous for. I had to ask my mom.


I was front and center and ended up having to wait about 40 minutes for Brooke to come out… Her security guard was yelling, telling us we couldn’t take pictures with her. Clearly that didn’t stop me.


“Are you listening to what I’m saying?” said security. Brooke and I both ignored him.

Enjoy the rest of my stage door pics. I’d normally put the names and characters, but this message is being sent from my iPhone.









Cost: Do I even need to say?

What’s next? An old fashioned Subway ride. Complete with swing dancing and a tea party. (see last blog for the link. Again, iPhone.)

Care to join me?